2017 Yoga Teacher Training

Begins February 9th

Registration open thru January 31, 2017


Part 1:  One week intensive Feb 9 - 18th (weekends and week nights)

Part 2:  Mar 4, 5 / Mar 16, 17, 18, 19 / Apr 6, 7, 8, 9

The first YTT program in the Bay Area to offer a week long immersion followed by 3-4 weekends to complete your 200hr training.   Our approach to training has been proven highly successful and effective because the concentrated hours of  immersion week keeps you present and connected to the practice, nurture relationships with your fellow trainees, and enforces what you've learned day after day.  The breaks between the remaining weekends gives you time to apply your new skills and knowledge without losing momentum and getting caught back up in your daily grind.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  ~ Limited to 8 students only ~

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To transform, to heal, to love and to serve.  It is our deepest desire that as you travel along your unique life path, YIO can help you redefine your boundaries of limitations and envision limitless possibilities in mind, body and spirit.  We are here to serve as a catalyst for growth so that you may awaken your own inner Teacher and meet your highest Atman (Truest Self). We strive to empower people to connect to their intuition and be in control of where they want to take their practice because we believe yoga is a very personal journey, one of spiraling inwards.


Meet the graduates of our teacher training program.   You can find some of them teaching around the Bay Area, Texas, North Carolina and as far as Ireland.   They are available for private lessons or group classes at your studio, company, or your location.

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Our training is limited to only 10 students to ensure you receive individual attention and plenty of time for 1-on-1 mentoring, time for all your questions, time to practice teach as well as enough space to fully immerse yourself.  

This training is very hands-on rather than lecture and theory.  So unlike other programs, you will be practice teaching on the very first day.   You'll receive all the tools you need to lead a safe, well-sequenced, and fun class as well as a good foundation on the non-physical aspects of yoga to steer you in the direction to pursue deeper understanding of these subjects as you feel interested.


"I’ve throughly enjoyed seeing how my practice flourished under the guidance of Nikki and all of the teachers she’s mentored.  She truly embodies what it means to practice on the mat and how yoga is also relevant in daily life.  What I admire most about Nikki is that she is not perfect and doesn’t claim to be and is one of the most humble students of this practice that I’ve met.  It’s very inspiring to witness the way she nurtures her teacher trainees and that as a student I get to be a part of their growth. I’m inspired to grow when I see my teachers grow.  YIO’s team of teachers has definitely guided me further to fall in love with my practice." ~Pam

"This teacher training exceeded all my expectations, I learned a ton, I'm still soaking it in, I had a blast, made great friends and my yoga practice is forever changed for the best.  It would take pages and pages to try to describe what Nikki is about, but suffice to say that her knowledge is beyond impressive.  She is a natural educator and makes everything interesting, fun, deep and meaningful, everything she says, does or requires has a purpose, there's no B.S., no wasted time or energy, she goes to the heart of everything and attacks with Olympic efficiency. We worked our tails off, we sweated buckets, we laughed, we cried, we got frustrated, we got over it, we kept on learning."    Lilia

"This style of yoga pushes you to places you never thought you were capable of going to. Classes are physically challenging, emotionally inspiring, and you know that you probably won't leave the class without getting in a good belly laugh or two. Nikki has played a huge part in my yoga journey, opening my eyes (and body) to the endless benefits of yoga on and off the mat."  ~Janna

"She is funny, knowledgable, and teaches with plenty of careful adjustments." ~Tina