Meet Our Team

Friendly, caring and all worth knowing. We all have different personalities and styles but there are a few things we all have in common: we're passionate about yoga, teaching and connecting with all of our students.

Bhuvna Ayyagari-Sangamalli

Classes: Release & Restore

There is a Yoga for everyone and for every condition. It is my mission to connect everyone with their version of Yoga.  I will lead you to a place where you discover and connect with yourself in a deep manner in the pause between an inhalation and exhalation. The result is complete rejuvenation by the end of the class.


Dana Schwartz

Classes: Iyengar Inspired Flow (subs for Vinyasa, Restore)

I believe yoga is a continuous journey for both teacher and student. We're in the flow together and my classes are a safe place to grow and discover deeper aspects of ourselves as physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Each class is different yet each is the same as I lead with grace, humor and attention to weaving in the 8 limbs of yoga into our practice.


Helena Catolico

Classes: Release & Restore (subs for Vinyasa)

Take personal refuge by tuning in, finding peace and quiet in a nourishing space. I invite you to create inner strength and a joyous spiritual experience together.


Jayesh Chokshi

Classes: Vinyasa

As your guide, my goal is to take you through the vinyasa postures stringed together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. You will be working hard and will definitely break a sweat but at the end of the class you will feel refreshed, energized and excited to face what comes next. I love yoga and wish to share the same with you. Find me teaching Vinyasa on Saturdays at 8am.

Jenny Chu

Classes: Yin & Vinyasa (subs for Kinstretch, Functional Flow)

I consider it a huge privilege to guide students on their yoga journey.  I am trained in Vinyasa and Yin yoga and my classes are thoughtfully sequenced to lead students to their own sacred space of peace and beauty.  As a student, you can expect the nourishment of movement and breath partnered with the wonder of self-discovery.

Manju Batra

Classes: Vinyasa (subs for Release&Restore, Yin)

I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, pranayama and a dose of inspiration in my classes to help you deepen your practice. You can expect a variety of challenges to improve strength and flexibility while also helping you leave feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Nikki Wong

Classes: Vinyasa, Kinstretch, Functional Flow, Release&Restore

My classes are a vigorous combination of yoga postures, functional movements and isometrics that are creatively sequenced together in the present moment to provide opportunities to explore new movements and possibilities in your practice. You're highly likely to get sweaty from building heat from the inside out and leave feeling "worked-out", balanced and rejuvenated.

Sharon Kojima

Classes: Vinyasa

I find joy in creating a safe, encouraging and non-judgmental environment for my students to play with their edge. I infuse my passion for yoga in each posture, giving gentle and encouraging cues throughout my dynamic vinyasa flow classes.

Tracy Spencer

Classes: Vinyasa (subs for whomever needs help cause she's helpful like that)

My classes are energetic. I love to create a personal connection with my students to support their journey in finding that robust mind, body, spirit aspect that yoga brings to light. My classes will get your heart pumping and your inner spark glowing.