Manju studied and worked in Northern India (Haryana) as an IT specialist but her life took an unexpected turn when she moved to Southern India. As her mind was enjoying the subtropical climate, her body badly reacted to it.  She started to develop asthma and multiple allergies. Looking for a cure, She reluctantly followed a friend to a yoga class. A regular practice of yoga and a regimen of pranayama breathing turned her life around.  She was healthy again and consequently decided to study and teach yoga. She first was trained and mentored at the (200hr)Atmayaan Yoga Academy (India) then studied hot yoga(100hr) and took another 200 hr TT with Nikki Wong and found new direction in teaching yoga and very powerful hands on techniques.

Once again Manju saw the therapeutic power of yoga in action when she convinced her best friend who was recovering from a brain tumor to practice with her everyday. With continuous practice of pranayama and yoga postures he successfully retrained his mind and body to work together through the focus and concentration. She finds the testimonial from her  friend as her  biggest achievement and reward  in the field of yoga.  ” Life was never the same for me once I was diagnosed with brain tumor. After many surgeries doctors saved my life but that life was not worth living. But continuous practice of pranayama and yoga postures with my friend  and instructor Manju Batra I am back to my normal life personally and professionally. Feels astonished to be back on my feet and running, overwhelming turnaround of my health with power of yoga.”  –  Rohit Vohra

For her Yoga is about inspiring and sharing: between friends, between teachers and students, and between generations. Her hobbies include Dancing, shopping and yoga(anywhere, anytime).