Patricia began her practice eight years ago to compliment her love of trail running and biking. At the time she only thought of her practice as a great workout. But in 2010 everything changed. A cancer diagnoses completely upended her life. Turning inward for strength, she discovered that Yoga was not only a way to keep her body strong, it also offered her a path to self-discovery, happiness, and healing. Her quintessential type A workaholic past had been financially rewarding but personally empty. She made the decision to turn her back on her career and focus instead on building a life.

In 2011 cancer robbed her of her left arm, but not her spirit. Practicing with one arm gave her the opportunity to see herself and her practice in a new light. Challenges eventually gave way to successes, and then to opportunities. She completed her 200 hour certification through Yoga Inside Out with Nikki Wong in November 2014. Her goal is to inspire her students to find the strength within themselves regardless of the challenges that may come their way.

Patricia lives with her two rescue dogs; Patrick, a “Tripawd” missing his front left leg, and Piper, a neurotic diabolical Pugwawa. She loves skiing, backpacking, and spending time  with her granddaughter Hannah.