Our yoga classes are rooted in the vinyasa methodology, building internal heat from the inside out as well as cultivating movement practices that promote a more sustainable practice for life. Our classes can be grouped into two complementing styles: Vinyasa and Restorative.



Vinyasa or flow-based classes connect movement with breath to create constant movement between individual postures and/or transitions. Class format consists of a creative series of postures that ranges from moderate to strong intensity aimed to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Each class is unique to create opportunities to sharpen your present moment awareness. Experience our various vinyasa offerings throughout the day:


Perfect for those new to flow based yoga as well as seasoned practitioners who want to slow things down and explore the foundations again. Expect more "talking" from the teacher as they will emphasize alignment, anatomy, form and function, as well as syncing movement with breath and other teachable moments to help you connect to your body.


Fancy poses are fun and entertaining and you look cool if you can get into them but at the end of the day, what’s most important is being able to move your body and use it in different ranges of motion for the rest of your life. This vinyasa based class is mixed with various functional movements and techniques designed to increase or sustain and strengthen your range of motion, promote joint health, increase mobility and provide a platform to create a sustainable yoga practice.


A complete mental, physical and spiritual practice combining the technique of vinyasa flow with pranayama and meditation. Expect a vigorous sequence of postures, fun and challenging transitions designed to keep you in the present moment and dive deep into your body. To receive the full benefits of this practice, it’s recommended that you have a basic knowledge of flow and alignment.


It’s all about moving, breathing and building up a good sweat as you flow through this vinyasa class set to music. It’s recommended that you know basic alignment and are familiar with flow style classes as the teacher may flow with the class and/or give less instruction so you can focus on moving, breathing and being in the moment. Music ranges from instrumental, hip-hop, electronic and reggae, to rock.


A deeply relaxing class format that utilizes props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps and massage balls to support your body in various postures or a therapeutic self massage. This style class is designed to release tension and promote surrender into a deeper state of stillness that calms the body and quiets the mind. Suitable for all levels, ages, stages of flexibility and those with movement limitations due to injuries, stress, stiffness, etc.


The best of both worlds, flow and restore. Become immersed in a smooth flow to promote circulation and move the prana before spending a solid latter portion of the class in deep, yin/restorative postures and/or self massage and meditation. This class will reset your entire body and mind and prepare you for the ultimate relaxation in savasana.

  • YIN / IYENGAR / FULL RESTORATIVE - coming soon

Nikki’s classes were just as I had expected them to be, and possibly even more – well-guided, challenging (at your own discretion), intimate, and with varied yoga techniques (+yoga therapy). ~Grace

I’m a big fan of Nikki and she’s my favorite teacher in the Bay Area.  She has amazing power yoga classes that challenge even the most experienced yogi. She’s very hands on and while the flows are serious stuff, she has a great attitude and isn’t afraid to laugh and making the practice further inviting.” ~Annie