Podcasts are a great alternative if you can’t make studio classes or need more flexibility in where you do your yoga to fit your schedule. Some podcasts are also shorter and specific to what you may need.

When practicing to a podcast, it’s recommended that you have knowledge of basic alignment of postures and have prior experience with vinyasa/flow yoga. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments but seeking out a local, trained in-person yoga teacher is invaluable.

iTUNES: Download my previously recorded live group classes from iTunes store. They are all levels classes and are a snapshot of that day’s class. Click here to download from iTunes.

AUDIBLE YOGA: Subscribe to my podcasts on  These high quality recordings are recorded specifically for and range from various lengths from 30-60 minutes and targeted for specific purposes. Click here for a free trial or login with teacher code 816

Drop me a line and tell me where you practice from.  I am happy to connect with you and answer any questions you may have about the podcasts.


“Thanks so much for posting your classes as podcasts! I’m currently living in France on a very limited budget (and therefore unable to afford to go to classes in any of the nearby studios on a regular basis), and having access to quality class-podcasts makes my home practice rich, rewarding, diverse, and challenging in the best ways. Your classes usually kick my butt, but your audio-presence is lovely… Sometimes I forget I’m doing it by myself in my living room! Maybe someday I’ll get to come to a class in person. Namaste!” ~Tegan from France

"Nikki, I just returned to University and have not been able to attend local yoga classes.  I absolutely love your podcast! It is most challenging without being painful.  I do them every morning.  Your humor and flow makes it easy to move through and I love the stories you tell in the beginning of class, the comments, and all the encouragement you give your students. It helps me feel like I’m still part of the yoga community even though I practice alone.  I wish I could show you how even podcasting with you has helped me master my crow pose.  Hope to continue to learn from you via podcast and maybe live someday!” ~Christine from San Diego

"The best yoga in Afghanistan!  I’m so happy to have found Nikki’s podcasts so I can continue my practice while on deployment.  I love her beautiful spirit, and the class always challenges me.  Her instructions are very straight forward and her corrections are helpful.  I have done other podcasts, but hers are my favorite!  I can’t wait to drop in for a real class.  Thank you, Nikki!” ~Betsy

"I frequently find myself living abroad, most recently in northern Nicaragua where there is no yoga to speak of.  Your podcasts kept my flow alive! Thank you.” ~Emma