Breaking the Stigma

Not too long ago, last November to be exact, my oncologist offered to prescribe some anti-depressants for me because what I was experiencing and describing to him warranted it. I don’t like to talk about this experience much with anyone let alone talk about it publicly because it’s fleeting and ranges from mild, like a rainy gray day to full on I don’t wanna get out of bed and cry all day thinking about some dark dreary stuff. No, I’m not bipolar and no, I’m not opposed to people taking anti-depressants. I’ve learned to live with this aspect of myself as it’s been there for as long as I can remember and somehow I’ve been able to get myself out of the rabbit hole without medication every time.

Last November was the first time any doctor has suggested medication to “take the edge off.” I refused because 1) I hate medication of all sorts, 2) the stigma is real, 3) I told him to give me some time and if it doesn’t pass, I’ll fill the prescription.

Luckily it passed. Day by day, watching on my thoughts, continuing my yoga practice and meditation along with creating a purpose for my life no doubt helped me heal from last year’s trauma. It helps to also have people around me who were constantly checking-in and waiting for me to return to teaching again.

So when Sharon told me about her plans to teach a charity yoga class in the park to honor her brother, I wanted to support it even though it triggered so many emotions, particularly excitement for Sharon to lead such a noble cause as well as a moment of reflection for myself and wonder for how many of you out there also deal with the extremes and spectrums of emotional health.

I’m honored to host Sharon at the studio on Sunday, May 27th from 8:30am – 9;45am. She will be teaching a donation based yoga flow class, all levels welcome, where all the proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

There is no such thing as a single solution when it comes to healing from a mental illness, whether short lived or has become a regular occurrence in your life, but I am grateful to Sharon for sharing her experience and forging the path to breaking the stigma and starting healthy conversation around such a dark topic.



2 thoughts on “Breaking the Stigma

  1. Roxi DeTrude says:

    So happy that you are turning the corner and healing!!! Cannot say that I have ever experienced any kind of trauma that you have encountered, but so glad to see the results and continuing your yoga practice…healing thoughts for your continued progress…always.

  2. I just asked Afshin about you a few days ago. Glad that you are back doing what you love. Sending you lots of love and healing light.

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