Week 4-5 of Chemo: The Good The Bad The Ugly

This is gonna be a long post. I’ve missed two weeks. Word vomitting here is mainly for my sake, sanity, and heart space healing. I’m happy if you follow along and not offended if you don’t, however, my hope is to always leave with you some good nuggets you can use or you can share Read More

Week 3 of Chemo: Conquering Nausea

It’s the 4th week of treatment and I’m dreading it. I’m also behind on documenting this week’s experience because I’ve been sick all week. At the moment I am trying to erase my memory of last week and prevent it from replaying while I’m sitting there waiting for my cocktail to be mixed and delivered. Read More

Self Care After Chemo Tip: Armpits

Fighting cancer is like fighting a wild fire. If you know me, you know that I hate meds (unless absolutely necessary) and will try anything else before reaching for the meds. However, I recognize that cancer, especially the rare type that I have, requires meds. Those little damn things multiply so fast that the body’s Read More