Saying Goodbye is Hard

“Congratulations! on your early retirement from management,” said a student on the last day of owning the studio.  Those words rang sweetly in my ear but I could feel a little bubble in my heart.  The bubble that I’ve been trying hard to not let surface because I “made” the right decision.  Pooh bear said Read More

Thru The Lens of Yoga

One of the best things I love about teaching yoga is getting to witness the personal transformations that students go through.   Yoga has definitely given me the lens to see myself in a different way.  I’ve witnessed myself transform through various stages in my life, both physically, mentally and emotionally through all the joy, Read More

Being a Student Isn’t Enough

4:30am.  Here we go.  This is what I came for… err rather what I thought I came for.  I signed up for Tim Miller’s two week Ashtanga primary series teacher training that began last saturday.   I was prepared to learn and excited to be a student again without the distractions of teaching, kids, family, Read More