One of the most effective ways to benefit from Essential Oils is to use them aromatically via a diffuser. It's beneficial to diffuse essential oils in your home everyday to either purify and clean the air (not just mask the odors), to create a peaceful space for studying, sleeping, or relaxing, and often to support a healthy respiratory system. When you diffuse in a room, everyone benefits because aromatics are easily inhaled and then absorbed through the respiratory tract and lungs and then circulated through the blood stream.

How does a diffuser work?

Depending on the type of machine, a diffuser works by distributing essential oil molecules into the air. Here's a break down of the 3 common types of diffusers:

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Many folks prefer the ultrasonic diffusers for their ease of use, varying decorative styles, cost effectiveness as well as features such as run-time lengths and interval mist out-put , colorful lights and affordability. However, I highly recommend having at least one nebulizer type diffuser on hand for those times when you really need the therapeutic support of essential oils to either boost your immune or respiratory system or purify the air quickly.


I've purchased and tested out a variety of diffusers and have collected a bunch of them (all except one are ultrasonic and the one at the end is a nebulizing type). Here's the verdict (starting from left to right):

1. Green Air 360: reasonable size, quiet, variable settings, pretty lights, effective mist output thru two openings that rotate to direct the mist where ever you want (especially helpful to direct mist away from furniture or pictures, etc), runs for 24 hours. I think it's a handsome diffuser and love it in the kitchen or living room (bigger spaces).

2. Green Air Eterniti: super cool looking, highly effective mist output as well as aroma. Beautiful rotating color lights and runs for 24hours. Love it in the kitchen or my yoga room.

3. Green Air Spa Vapor: A very impressive diffuser that effectively outputs mist and essential oils into the air and the little nozzle at the top can be adjusted to point in different directions. Runs for 4 hours straight. Also has interval and hour settings. Love this one in my son's bedroom without worrying he will knock it down and break it.

4. Smiley Daisy: small, pretty ceramic outer shell (with flower and butterly itching), colorful lights, quiet, effective mist output, runs for 4 hours. Love it in the small bedroom.

5. Green Air Nebulizer: Great for intense aromatherapy sessions as it doesn't require water and disperses pure oil into the air. Another option is the Aroma Ace by doTERRA®.

6. doTERRA Petal diffuser: (pictured at right) small yet packs a powerful punch. I'm amazed at the height of mist output and it's ability to saturate a bigger space effectively. Runs for 4 hours but only has one color light.

7. Beautiful blue glass diffuser (pictured above - don't remember the brand). Unfortunately this one is sitting on my shelve as decoration only because it is not effective at dispersing the essential oil into the air. The mist output is sufficient but the aroma does not saturate the air. I'm guessing the vibrating disc is of low quality so the essential oil does not get atomized into the mist as well.

As you can see, I'm a big fan of Green Air's diffusers. I'm looking forward to adding some more of their decorative diffusers to my collection because I'm confident they use high quality discs in their diffusers.

If you're one of my doTERRA users and are interested in purchasing any of these Green Air diffusers at LOWER COST than what is sold online, please contact me.