On Yoga Teacher Training, Day 1

I never knew how much I loved yoga until today… more specifically, I never knew how much I loved sharing my yoga with others until today.  Today was the first full day of facilitating my teacher training program at the studio.  I know that I love to teach (well, some days are better than others) but what a blast I had teaching eager students who want to be teachers.  It was literally a 13 hour day with barely an hour lunch break for me because when the trainees were on break, I was still working.  But the time flew by so fast that we didn’t even realize how much time had passed when we threw in the towel.

How awesome is it that you confine 9 people together for 13 hours a day in a room and there was not one complaint (that I heard of).   Is that even possible?!  Some folks can’t go an hour without complaining up a storm.  Can you go half day with no complaints?  Try it…

There’s so much that goes on, more than meets the eye, that goes into teaching yoga.  We learned today that teaching yoga is merely 20% technical knowledge and 80% attitude/psychology and mainly that teaching yoga can be FUN! and not scary or hard and you don’t even have to teach a single alignment cue to teach a powerful class.  Wow!!  I’m brimming with excitement and so much gratitude that I get to witness these 9 people grow into their seat as teachers.  Wow, wow, wow!

My biggest ah-ha moment today confirms the reason why I love teaching yoga… it confirms the reason why I opened a studio… it confirms that my long days teaching and my long nights working on the business end all serves a purpose.  I have a purpose and that is to “blow you up into pieces of possibilities.”   <— more on this later 😉

We flirted with possibility today and we showed up when about a dozen urdhva dhanurasanas presented itself… who knew you can do so much?  My rule of thumb:  1 backbend a day to survive your life, 3 backbends a day to maintain your life, 6+ backbends a day to improve your life, and one backbend a day for every hour you sit to live a THRIVING life.  OH YEA!!  It’s all about the counterposes.

urdhva dhanurasana
urdhva dhanurasana


If you cringe when your teacher calls urdhva dhanurasana, stay tuned… I’ll be back with some tips so you don’t end up in the ER after doing a backbreak… er backbend.

12 thoughts on “On Yoga Teacher Training, Day 1

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  2. What’s interesting about yoga is that it improves ones body, mind and spirit. And if you’re after losing some weight then I think you should try it, why? Because it would be the healthiest and safest way. It won’t happen as fast as you want it to be but the results are guaranteed satisfying. 🙂

  3. Nikki, I loved this post because it took me back to my own yoga training and the appreciation and admiration I had for each and every of my yoga mentors and teachers. Your blog posts have truly inspired me as a writer AND a yogi, so I would like to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I will post details on my page later today or I can send you in a private message if you prefer. Thank you for sharing your spirit so genuinely! I look forward to continuing on this journey together… xo Betty

    • Yea, if only people realized how invigorating and energizing a back bend is, they’d want to do it all the time.. then again if you’re not doing it properly it could feel like back breaking.

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