Recover From Sugar Indulging With The Help of Essential Oils


I WAS DOING SO GOOD UNTIL… Halloween came! It’s like a bad one night stand. It came and went and left me with nothing but craving for more… sugar that is.

I’m convinced sugar is evil!

How else can a simple, innocent, totally deserving indulgence turn into a bad addictive affair, a full on binge. The sweet sultry sugar rush can send me spiraling into a series of bad habits going into and lasting the whole holiday season.

So what is a sweet tooth, chocolate loving girl who absolutely deserves to enjoy guiltless eating do?

“They” say it’s all about balance right? But what the heck is balance? For every piece of chocolate I eat, I need to eat a piece of kale? Maybe…

It’s inevitable I will indulge (you will too)… we’re human!

For me balance means supporting my body (and mind) when I over indulge.  Why wouldn’t we? We’re surrounded by good food, friends and family. Now is not the time to guilt yourself into eating only kale chips and carrot sticks.

People don’t believe that I can take down a whole pumpkin pie by myself and then some. “But you’re so healthy… ” blah blah blah.

The secret is in how you take care of yourself before, during, and after.

Here’s some of my secrets and tips on how you can support your body during these joyful times ahead of us:

1.  Absolutely No Shaming, No Guilt Allowed.

As I mentioned above, support yourself emotionally. I know so many of us have “cheat” days. Or do we call it that to make us feel less guilty? Can you feel what type of emotion is attached to the word “cheat day?” Can you allow yourself to enjoy without having to justify the treat? Give yourself a break and enjoy. It’s not gonna kill you if you already lead an overall healthy and mindful lifestyle. Only you will know if you’re really cheating on your health.

2. Hydrate

Whether you binge eat on chocolate, pie and ice cream this season or not, hydrating is so important. Consuming excess sugar makes your body dehydrated and more acidic and prone to inflammation. If you’re in tune with your body, you might notice your palate will crave something refreshing, something bitter or sour, something the opposite of sweet. Here’s some of my favorite ways to hydrate after consuming too much:

  • Green juice – combo of cucumbers, ginger, lemon and dark leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, and spinach
  • Lemon water – I love my lemon essential oil because it’s not acidic like lemon juice and gentle on my stomach as well as my enamel. A drop or two of lemon essential oil in my water contains a nutrient dense amount of  d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant, that supports healthy digestion and metabolism and is very cleansing and refreshing.
  • Apple cider vinegar – a tablespoon down the hatch or in a cup of water. Doesn’t taste the best but does the job to help bring my system back towards balance and alkaline.
  • Kombucha – supports digestion and contains beneficial bacteria for your gut. I love the fizz! It feels like little tiny elves cleaning up the sugar I ate.

3. Support Your Digestive Tract

If you’ve kept your sugar craving in check and then sunk your teeth straight in, you’ll probably feel a bit off, bloated, or crappy which often leads to guilt and now you’re beating yourself up about indulging and now vowed to never have another sweet treat again. Well you can try your best to not break this promise again or start supporting your digestive system:

The suggestions from #2 also helps to soothe indigestion or try some of my favorite dōTERRA® products to effectively support healthy digestion:

  • DigestZen® Blend – apply it topically on abdomen  to “tame your tummy.” It contains essential oils of ginger, peppermint, fennel, corinader, anise, and caraway, all known to aid in healthy digestion and ease stomach discomfort. Or consider taking the convenient DigestZen® tabs which is a calcium carbonate tab infused with DigestZen® Blend essential oils.
  • Herbal tea – make a warm and soothing tea with fresh grated ginger and crushed mint or better yet add a drop of ginger and peppermint essential oil to your water.
  • Supplement with doTerra TerraZyme® and/or PB Assist+® – boost GI health during this season.
    • TerraZyme® contains digestive enzymes that help your digestive system digest proteins, fats, complex carbs, sugars and fiber.
    • PB Assist+® is packed with probiotics to populate your gut with friendly bacteria.

4. Keep Your Immune System Strong

Your body is better equipped to handle a variety of stressors, whether it is sweet treats taxing your gut or the hustle of the season, if it is already functioning optimally.

  • Get plenty of restSleep is vital factor to maintaining a healthy immune system. How you manage your stress can either hinder or promote peaceful sleep at the end of the day. Of course essential oils have been one of my secret weapons to manage my stress levels.
    • Diffuse lavender at bedtime or apply a drop or two to the back of your neck and pillow to ease tension and send you into dream land.
    • Serenity Restful Complex for those really bad days where my nervous system is on high tension and getting a restful nights sleep is going to be compromised.
    • Apply Frankincense to back of neck and along spine to encourage a peaceful outlook and promote feelings of relaxation and a balanced mood as well as produce a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Enhance your body’s natural antioxidant defenses – Apply dōTERRA® On Guard® on bottoms of feet before bedtime.  Or diffuse On Guard® in your home to help keep the air clean of any airborne pathogens that would stress your immune system. This blend contains essential oils of wild orange, cinnamon, clove bud, eucalyptus, and rosemary, all oils known to support healthy immune function and healthy circulation.
  • Move your body – play a sport, walk, run, yoga or do whatever activity that is fun for you. Moving increases circulation, induces serotonin, the “happy hormone,” reduces stress and basically floods your body with oxygen.

Finally, if you need some extra help with controlling your sugar cravings, the following essential oils are known to help fight sweet tooth cravings. Simply add a drop of your choice of essential oil to your water, tea or smoothies:

If you’re interested in getting some dōTERRA® essential oils, please contact me or click here to purchase directly.

How do you take care of your body during this time of year? I’d love to hear from you and learn about what works for you.

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