Thru The Lens of Yoga

One of the best things I love about teaching yoga is getting to witness the personal transformations that students go through.   Yoga has definitely given me the lens to see myself in a different way.  I’ve witnessed myself transform through various stages in my life, both physically, mentally and emotionally through all the joy, heartaches, and especially through the darkness in my life.  Yoga has been my way of being… and this way was never  perfect, nor glamorous, and definitely not worthy of putting me on a pedestal (even if I was worthy, I would rather pass on that seat).

When I look at myself and others thru the lens of yoga, I can see more clearly the qualities of:

compassion instead of competition
looking internal instead of external
forgiveness instead of guilt or shame
quality instead of quantity
love instead of fear

It’s such a joy to watch my 8 teacher trainees go through the various stages of their yoga journey and switch back and forth from being a student to being a teacher and vice versa.  I think the gap between a student and teacher is very small as the truest teacher is always a student.

Peeking thru the window... Sasha and Alex teaching and assisting their first public class.
Peeking thru the window… Sasha and Alex teaching and assisting their first public class.

When we are in this way of being, we leave room for possibility and transformation.  It doesn’t matter if the breakthrough is as small as a softened jaw that has been clenched for who knows how long or as fun as finally being able to hover high above in crow pose, or as serious as a life changing situation.

When I see myself or others thru the lens of Yoga,  I see that it  follows me, guides me, is my shadow whether the sun is out or not.  When I embrace it whole heartedly and look through it’s lens, I  get a glimpse into my Self, my Spirit, my Soul.

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  1. I’m sitting at an airport waiting for my flight to Nicaragua to go through my first YTT. When I stumbled on this post, the qualities you listed really resonated with me. Not only am I going on this training, but it’s a huge life change (All in one month I graduated college, moved away from that home, celebrated the holidays, am going through a rough heartbreak and am boarding on a flight to Central America by myself) for me, and almost all of those reminded me of how I want to better myself. Especially the part about forgiveness and love. I’m learning to let go and to love, and I’m hoping this month will guide me further in that direction.

    You can follow my journey at my blog at if you are interested.

    Thanks again,

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