Nothing is more important than your health and well-being. It is truly your greatest asset. Because the state of your overall health and well-being can affect how you think, move and feel, it's not surprising that when you don't feel "good," every other aspect of your life is impacted.

Health and wellness is not merely the absence of illness or disease, but it also includes your outlook on life, your emotional well-being, how you interact and show up in the world, your financial situation, as well as how you respond to life's challenges. Your success and failures can also be affected by the overall state of your well-being.

Health and wellness can be characterized by a collection of your lifestyle habits:

In our modern society, we tend to believe our medical care and medical insurance is "healthcare" and often includes symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment (sometimes with or without options). This approach and mentality is not healthcare. It is emergency care... a state when our bodies can't heal itself quickly to restore equilibrium without medical intervention. 

A wellness lifestyle is the opposite of the above mentality and includes pro-active actions such as education, self-awareness, prevention and will address the WHOLE you... mind, body and spirit. Instead of only masking or treating the symptoms , we're proactive in addressing the root cause of our "dis-ease" by looking at everything that encompasses our whole selves such as our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, the environment we live in, and our habits and patterns. The food we eat, how we manage our stress, our activity level, the amount of rest we get and how many toxins we're exposed to can all contribute to inflammation, pain and illness in our body.

You hold the key to your wellness. Start paying attention to what serves your body and what takes it out of balance. Then take the steps to restore your mind, body and spirit with the appropriate and relevant tools to your unique situation. Your body is designed to heal itself naturally so why not give it as much support as you can before you really need to use your health insurance.

Contact us! We're here to help.... Yoga, meditation and essential oils are a few of the tools that can support your intentions to live healthier in your body.