Our yoga classes are based on the vinyasa methodology, building internal heat from the inside out as well as cultivating movement practices that promote a more sustainable practice for life. Our classes can be grouped into two complementing styles: Vinyasa (Flow) and Restorative (Non-Flow) plus Kinstretch®, a mobility focused practice.


Flow Style Classes

Flow based classes connect movement to breath creating a continuous sequence of poses that dynamically transitions from one pose to the next, much like a moving meditation.

    A logically sequenced class aimed to help improve, strength, flexibility and balance. Expect to move through a series of sun salutations, standing, seated, prone and supine  postures along with backbends,  arm balances and/or inversions.

    An integrated mix of vinyasa with functional movements, isometrics and principles from Kinstretch® and FRC® that is designed to improve overall strength, flexibility, mobility and active range of motion, promote joint health and provide a platform to create a sustainable yoga practice.

    One of the few classes at YIO where you can fully practice alongside the teacher.  In this playful class, minimal assists or alignment cues are given to give you more freedom to move or align according to your preference and intuition.

    All yoga is Hatha Yoga and all flow type classes requires your constant moment to moment attention while you move or flow from one posture to the next. Our Hatha Flow classes are slower paced than our Vinyasa Flow classes to give time to mindfully move, explore poses, alignment and long deep stretches with the intent to calm your mind and body instead of aiming for a heart racing, high intensity and uninterrupted and choreographed flow found in our Vinyasa classes. This is an all levels class and appropriate for beginners.

Restorative Style Classes

A slower and deeply relaxing class format that utilizes props to support your body in various postures or simulate a therapeutic self massage.  Suitable for all levels, appropriate for beginners or those new to yoga, ranges of flexibility and those with movement limitations due to stiffness, injuries, stress etc.

    Release tension and increase circulation with some active stretching and then float away on a cloud as you hold restorative postures with your body completely supported by props. Get some R&R and reach a deeper level of stillness that calms the body and quiets the mind.

  • YIN + R & R

    A mix of Yin Yoga and Release & Restore styles. This class includes some slow, gentle movements and active stretches before transitioning into deeper stretches, longer passive holds and/or restorative poses with the support of props. This is an all levels class, appropriate for beginners, athletes, those with injuries or anyone looking to slow down, relieve stress, quiet the mind and relax.

Mobility Focused Classes

Using the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) system, our mobility focused classes help to increase one’s usable and active ranges of motion by simultaneously improving articular mobility, strength/resilience and neurological control.


    Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. This scientifically proven system combines specific stretching, isometric contractions, rotations and other techniques from Functional Range Conditioning® to improve:

      • Joint health and longevity
      • Mobility and range of motion
      • Body awareness, strength and control
      • Functionality and sustainability of your favorite physical activity
      • Movement capacity, flexibility and agility
      • Injury prevention, mitigation and pain management
      • Neurological function

Classes were just as I had expected them to be, and possibly even more – well-guided, challenging (at your own discretion), intimate, and with varied yoga techniques (+yoga therapy). ~Grace

I’m a big fan of Nikki and her studio. She’s my favorite teacher in the Bay Area.  She has amazing yoga classes that challenge even the most experienced yogi. She’s very hands on and while the flows are serious stuff, she has a great attitude and isn’t afraid to laugh and making the practice further inviting.” ~Annie

Kinstretch and Functional Range Conditioning is the trademark of Andreo Spina.