At Yoga Inside Out, we think differently and teach from a different mindset and attitude.  We’re not interested in how well you can regurgitate yoga from a text book, or how “spiritual” you are, or how popular you are.  We teach trainees how to teach people and not just poses.

1.  Previous trainees will attest to the effectiveness of a 1 week immersion and 4 weekends.

2.  You won’t sit around and read about yoga.  You’ll get more practical hands-on practice teaching hours than any other program.  In fact, you’ll be up and teaching on the first day.

3.  We don’t bring in any other teacher (who is not part of our community) to do the work for us.  You’ll get direct access to Nikki for the entire program.  Sometimes we may invite guest speakers to share their expertise but they are not the primary focus.  There are other programs with an impressive faculty of experts but too many experts is just that… too many!  You don’t want to be overwhelmed with knowledge that you don’t know what to do with.  We believe your first 200hr program should give you an introduction to yoga as a whole package but give you a solid foundation in sequencing, assisting, teaching technique and other skills that you can use immediately when leading a class.  Learning the philosophy, history, and other “non-physical” aspects of yoga is a life long path of discovery.  You will not learn all of what the subtle aspects of yoga are in a single 200hr program.  If you want to successfully lead a class, then consider what is most important to you while choosing a program.

4.  We’re not looking to just churn out more yoga teachers and be another yoga teacher mill.  We want committed individuals who are passionate about yoga, passionate about life, and passionate about learning and connecting with others.  Nikki does not schedule trainings ahead of time and then try to sell them.  She only schedules a session if someone requests one.  So if you’re interested in this program, contact Nikki… you may just be the trailblazer for the next program.

5.  While we touch on all aspects of yoga (philosophy, history, etc) we are focused on how to teach and guide an actual asana based practice with effective and relevant language, hands on assisting, and teaching people (not just poses).

6.  You don’t have to wait until you graduate to get a taste of what teaching a class is like.  Throughout the program, you will opportunities to assist and co-teach with Nikki.

7.  You’ll complete the training with a solid, effective and safe sequence to use as your foundation upon which you will learn how to build more creative sequences that you can adapt to any class ranging from 60 – 90 minutes.

8.  You’ll receive a comprehensive manual that will supplement your learning.

9.  The program is limited to only 10 participants so you can receive quality one-on-one attention and individual time with Nikki during the training and well after the training. The individualized attention is by far the most you’ll get from this program compared to any other.

10.  And the number one reason that sets us apart from other programs is that you get support for life.  As a graduate of this program, you'll receive lifetime mentoring and support and free repeat attenance at future 200 hour programs (includes tuition only and in cases where TT is out of town, travel expenses, room & board, transportation, etc are excluded).  As yoga continues to evolve so will this program and you’ll have access to the most recent training.  As an alumni to the program, you’ll also have an opportunity to co-teach the training with Nikki if you want to further your skills as a facilitator. You will also be given your own webpage on YIO’s website to help you market yourself and also be added to a private online group for discussion, professional pow-wows, and other learning subjects